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an open source documentary about copyright and remix culture

_Finally_ available to the general public: _RiP: A Remix Manifesto_

Although this is only looking at one angle of how Copyright has been whacked way out of balance in this country by the current media powers (who want things to stay the way they are, and aren't afraid to make half of the citizens in this country Federal criminals to acheive that), it is also one of the few documentaries that manages to state its agument clearly and concisely. It's a fabulous piece of work that I had the priviledge to see last year at an early screening.

Did you agree with the various "sharing" and "public-good" premises presented in "Revolution OS" but still found yourself squirming uncomfortably at the way it was presented? And then, when it was over, wonder just what exactly it wanted you to think about? I mean, it sorta felt like it was trying to broaden your perception of... something... somehow...

RiP, on the other hand, left me flushed, excited, and ready to go do rhetorical battle. This film is worth seeing.

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