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I need to just start writing again, or I'm never going to get to it. Lets see if I can start a little motivation rolling this week.

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Aw, that's nice of you :O)

Just wanted to let you know there are people who are subscribed to your journal and love reading your articles. We know how busy you are, so if you find time to write something, this is really, greatly appreciated by the whole community. Myself I learned a lot about your article about 24/192 downloads, many things I didn't know - and I naively considered myself having some experience in sound processing area. Please keep up your valuable, good work, and when you have time, please share your knowledge with us!

+1 from MrZeus

Yup. Your stringings-together of words are usually a damn good read.

As Arnie once said:

(p.s. Key Captchas are fun!)

Your blog is very interesting. Please, come back

AV1 based image format

Hi! How about writing a post about AV1's potential as a basis for an image format (akin to webp, bpg) and why isn't it considered?

Yes we love reading you!

I just discovered your series of videos on xiph, A Primer on Digital Media, and loved them! You have a gift in explaining things without taking the joy out. Please keep doing what you do!

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