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Presentations, presentations, presentations and slide decks

The spring 'conference tour' season is finally coming to a close. I'm a bit surprised by the number of people who have asked for my slide decks. Well, slide deck actually, since of course I mostly reused the same slides across the talks this spring.

In any case, I 've posted the latest iteration (from my presentation at the just-finished Google VP9 Summit) for anyone who's interested:

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Off topic, but in your view is VP9 actually getting anywhere in terms of adoption? From the outside looking in, there doesn't seem to be much activity on the WebM project blog or the WebM mailing lists. Is anyone (other than YouTube) making real use of VP9 on the web or elsewhere?

Google is promising VP9 hardware 'soon now' (though we heard that before with VP8) and claim IIRC several hundred partners and internal projects using it. YouTube was also on hand to say they've been quietly moving to VP9 en-masse for a while, but hadn't been saying much about it. But again, not much different from much of the talk around VP8.

So the question is, do they mean it this time? Just like with VP8, I hope they do mean it, it's too early to tell, and I'm personally going to wait and see. The whole situation is 'dejavu all over again'.

Any video recording? I enjoyed to watch the videos and I think I would enjoy this conference's talks too.

Unfortunately, there were no video recordings. Too bad too, it was a good presentation.


I would like to echo the request for a video if one is available!

I found a typo.

Hi, Monty! I'd like to tell you about a typo so you can fix it: It's on slide 20, the first one that's about wavelets. It says "net big thing" instead of "next big thing."

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