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A fond farewell to Red Hat, an exciting hello to Mozilla

Just a quick note, as people will doubtless ask about it...

I'm leaving Red Hat and joining Mozilla as of next week. This has been in the works for most of the summer.

This is not a reflection on Red Hat, but rather jumping at an opportunity offered by Mozilla. I'll be able to better coordinate and work more closely with the other Xiph Daala developers, most of whom are already at Mozilla, as Xiph and Mozilla continue to ramp up directed development of the codec. I'm choosing between an awesome job, and a potentially even more awesome job. Such problems we all wish to have.

To my Red Hat co-workers: It's been a pleasure and honor to work with you. I suppose I still work with you in the big picture, but starting Monday I'll be on someone else's req.

(also, not _physically_ moving anywhere, staying put in Somerville)

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