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XiphQT components, MAC OS X and 64 bit iTunes

Camilla forwarded a necessary tip for installing the XiphQT components on a 64 bit Mac OS X so that it works with iTunes. This is a reasonably well known tip, but it wasn't in our FAQ or installation instructions (well it is now as of about ten minutes ago) so I'm passing it along now too...

I upgraded to Lion, and my ogg files stopped being able to play in iTunes (silently). Here's how to make it go:
  1. "show in finder" your iTunes binary (either navigate to the Applications folder, or right/control click on it in the dock, and choose "show in finder")
  2. right/control click on iTunes in the finder, and select "Get Info"
  3. Under General, check the box marked "Open in 32-bit mode"

You should put the above on something linked from: I paraphrased it from

If XiphQT can be rebuilt in 64 bit mode, and that shipped that way to Lion users, that would also be a good solution.

That last comment is actually a bit of an embarrassment for us at the moment; neither the XiphQT builds nor code have been updated since 2009 or so, despite multiple releases, fundamental improvements and new features in the Xiph codecs since. There are actually more recent beta builds of updated Mac OS X and Win32 XiphQT components than never got bumped to the official XiphQT download page, but even these builds are from mid 2009.

We don't have any high-powered Mac OS hackers in the core Xiph group at the moment. I have some relatively insignificant amount of experience coding for Mac OS X and Quicktime, but I've been hoping for a volunteer with more chops. Any takers?

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