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You can go here and search for the user Molakule. See if he knows.

Thanks for the links.

I've spent quite a lot of time reading on bobistheoilguy in the past month, enough to realize that there are a few Nye folks on there, as well as noticing overlap in userbase with a few of the hobby forums. One reason I'm testing is because I have just enough chemistry to realize some of the respected 'experts' on the various forums are so far off base that it's hard to believe no one has called them on it. I'm worried about what I can't spot.

I have messaged a few users and companies directly already (tho not molakule.. did you mean Molekule?) The problem with the companies is that they usually make recommendations without actually giving away any information beyond the recommendation.

So, in addition to asking for advice... end-to-end testing is my favorite brute force tactic for gaining knowledge.

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