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We have met the CELT and they is us.

A quick post to mention that I've just put a new demo page up introducing a new audio codec named CELT. It's Xiph's first next-generation audio codec now emerging from the development pipeline, intended for high fidelity use at ultra-low latency.

Follow the above link to a ton more about it. As usual, the demo's got plenty of... well... demo, in addition to eye candy and hard information.

Buried in that larger announcement (about a much larger project) is a mention in passing of Squishyball, a cute little app I wrote last month to do fast/easy/convenient comparison between groups of similar samples. It also performs more rigorous A/B, A/B/X and X/X/Y double-blind testing. We'd all been limping along with harder to use apps that caused us to avoid or put off careful listening tests as part of day-to-day codec development. Hopefully Squishyball fixes that.

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