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Today's theme: "Screwed to the Wall"

I was a busy if domestic little beaver today, inching further along the 'I'll never be able to move out' axis.

First, a coatrack... so my roommates (and myself included) stop taking up half the livingroom floor with coats and winter apparel. The rest of the house is still a sty^H^H^Hcomfortably lived in.

Then, some task lighting for the workspace so I can see when I'm working elbow deep in a project:

...and finally, the project I needed the lamps for, upgrading Starship Snotfish's power supply so it actually has enough juice to power the RAID array [as opposed to powering it through wishful thinking with a slight burning smell]:

The new power supply literally dims the lights in the room when I turn the box on. "Real Ultimate Power" even if the Snotfish isn't, itself, screwed to the wall.

This completes the week's upgrade fun.

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