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Untitled Gardening Project: Aside

General equipment upgrades that aren't specific to the Untitled Gardenting Project appear as asides to the larger project.

The next project step uses a vibratory finisher. The model I have is the 'Minisonic MT-14SV'. It functions well, but has one usability issue and one missing feature.

  • It's noisy as Hell
  • No flow through system

Reviews suggest it's quiet for a vibratory finisher; I can only imagine how noisy other ones must be. It has a thin plastic case that resonates and buzzes like a cracked guitar. The hopper mounts are made of sheet aluminum and don't match the shape of the hopper very exactly. They also buzz and rattle wherever the fit is off.

A thick slab of acoustically dead MDF is a suitable replacement for the thin plastic case. Replacing the sheet metal hopper mounts and elastic mount retainers with narrower but heavier aluminum ribs that bolt tightly to the hopper eliminates the buzzing and seems to better transmit vibration to the media.

Adding a water flow-through system is straightforward. Two big plastic containers, some hose fittings, some silicone hose, a needle valve and some MDF to make a stand for the upper reservoir is most of the battle. Nylon, teflon, or polyethelene are all good choices for the fittings to be threaded into the media hopper. They're all appropriately abrasion resistant.

The only hard part is that a normal threaded hose fitting is not appropriate for the hopper drain; it would almost immediately become mostly blocked by the abrasive media. The solution is to turn a custom fitting out of some polyethelyne rod stock. The barbed end should be as normal, but the threaded end should extend into the hopper inch or two with numerous small perforations along the length.


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